Restaurants, Guns, and Alcohol in Pennsylvania: A ‘Minority Approach’

You may have watched the Guns in Pennsylvania Bars and Restaurants video and had additional questions about how loosely the state regulates the carry of firearms into establishments that sell alcohol. To learn more on the topic, check out this excerpt from Pennsylvania Gun Law, Armed And Educated:


Can a LTCF holder carry in a restaurant?

Pennsylvania law does not prohibit an individual from carrying a firearm in a restaurant that sells alcohol or even in a bar. In fact, in Pennsylvania it is not even illegal to drink alcohol while lawfully carrying a firearm. It is important to note the peculiarity of Pennsylvania’s approach, because it is the minority approach. Many states, even those with minimal gun control laws, prohibit carrying firearms in bars, restaurants that serve alcohol, or at the very least, prohibit those who are carrying from drinking alcohol themselves. This is not so in Pennsylvania. It is important to remember that just because something is legal, doesn’t automatically make it a good idea. It is absolutely crucial to exercise extreme caution and be responsible with firearms around alcohol.


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