Restaurants, Guns, and Alcohol in Oklahoma: You Must Know 'Primary Purpose'

You may have watched the Guns in Oklahoma Bars and Restaurants video and had additional questions about how the state regulates the carry of firearms into establishments that sell alcohol. To learn more on the topic so you can stay legal while you carry, check out this excerpt from Oklahoma Gun Law, Armed And Educated:


Business establishment whose primary purpose is the sale of alcoholic beverages

Oklahoma Statute Title 21 § 1272.1 makes it a crime for a handgun license holder to carry their handgun on the premises of an establishment that has the sale of alcoholic beverages or low point beer as its primary purpose of the business. Carefully note that just because an establishment has a bar and sells alcoholic beverages does not necessarily mean that the establishment’s primary purpose is to sell alcohol. It is perfectly legal for a license holder to carry a handgun into a restaurant that serves alcohol as long as its primary purpose is not the sale of alcohol. Unfortunately, there is no method for determining a business’ “primary purpose,” so when in doubt, take your handgun back to the car. It is a felony crime to carry your handgun into a bar! This means that you could lose all of your firearms rights if convicted!

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