Responsible Women Trust LawShield

Member Ambassador Sherry Hale interviews responsible women members of Texas LawShield to get their opinions about gun rights and other issues important to the legal-defense-of-self-defense lifestyle.



Sherry: Hi everyone! Sherry Hale here, Member Ambassador for U.S. & Texas LawShield. Today I’m at the Redneck Country Club and I thought it would be interesting to interview responsible women about their opinions on firearms.

What advice would you give a woman who’s on the fence about whether or not she should carry a gun?

Woman 1: Our world is so crazy these days, and self-protection, more than anything else, it’s just self-protection. You need to get your license, find the right gun for you, and then practice with it, and be confident and sure, and know that when you aim … somebody’s going down.

Sherry: Did you grow up with guns? Or do you own a firearm?

Woman 2: I do own a few and I grew up in a family where my father was a gun collector, and he learned at a very young age out in the country. And he taught all of us about gun safety and hunting and all that good stuff. Plus he also went to a military institute, and was a world-war veteran.

Sherry: Do you think it’s important for responsible women to teach their children about guns and gun safety?

Woman 3: Absolutely. Without question. It’s just part of your education that they need to know. We took our sons out, made sure they knew how to use their gun. Take it apart, clean it, and preserve it. The more you know, the safer you’ll be, and that was our focus for our sons.

Sherry: Do you have your LTC?

Woman 4: Yes, I’ve had it about… I’m in my fifth year. I’m all about being, independent, taking care of yourself, not depending on someone else to be there, because they may not be. If you are out alone, or if you’re at home, even with your children there, and someone comes in, you don’t have time to dial 9-1-1 a lot of times and it might depend, your life or their life, might depend on your quick actions and I think that responsible women should take the responsibility of taking care of themselves and their families. I hope never to to need you guys, other than to maybe ask a question about that I’m on the fence as to what the answer is, what’s legal or not, but you know when I’m traveling or when I’m carrying. But responsible women always want that protection.

Sherry: And honestly, that’s what we’re here for. To protect you, and give you peace of mind. As responsible women, we want our loved ones to be safe, so please empower and educate the women you love. Whether it’s your best friend, your sister or mother. here at LawShield, we want everyone to be Armed and Educated and protected by U.S. & Texas LawShield.responsible women armed and educated

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