Remington Moves Several Plants to Alabama

Law Shield noted a significant piece of industry news we wanted to pass along to our members: Remington Outdoor Company has announced that several plants are being consolidated into Remington’s new facility in Huntsville, Alabama.

Of particular interest to concealed carriers is that Remington’s R1 1911 handgun production will be leaving the town of Illion in the anti-gun state of New York.

Remington’s Director of Public Affairs and Relations Teddy Novin said, “This was a strategic business decision to concentrate our resources into fewer locations and improve manufacturing efficiency and quality.”

Among the facilities being relocated to Huntsville are:


  • Advanced Armament Corp of Lawrenceville, Georgia
  • Bushmaster (AR-15) production from Illion, New York
  • DPMS of St. Cloud, Minnesota
  • LAR Manufacturing of West Jordan, Utah
  • Montana Rifleman in Kalispell, Montana
  • PARA US of Pineville, North Carolina
  • Remington R1 (1911) production from Illion, New York
  • TAPCO of Kennesaw, Georgia


Earlier this year, Remington opened a new 500,000-square-foot plant in Huntsville.


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