Range Report: Walther CCP 9mm Pistol


By Wilburn Roberts, contributor @ The Shooter’s Log. Used with permission.

Walther’s CCP has generated a lot of attention. Light, attractive, and with the Walther name, the pistol was designed to compete with the Glock 43 9mm and similar size handguns for personal defense. The Walther CCP is 6.4 inches long and only 1.18-inch wide. The pistol is a slim line 9mm with an 8-round magazine. The barrel is 3.5 inches long.

Walther’s CCP 9mm Luger
Walther’s CCP 9mm Luger

While Walther fans will like the pistol, those who miss the SIG P225—a legendary and out of production pistol—will also like the new Walther. The CCP 9mm pistol is well fitted and finished. The slide has a slight taper and the polymer frame is molded for excellent hand fit. The frame features a rail for mounting a combat light. The Insight combat light was a good fit; we also used an inexpensive NC3 and the superlative Viridian light during the evaluation.

The CCP features three dot outline sights. The pistol features a manual safety on the left hand side of the frame. Some folks prefer a manual safety, and the CCP safety may be used, or not, as you prefer. The CCP’s trigger action is good. The trigger action breaks clean at a smooth five pounds. The reset is also fast. This leads to excellent control in combat firing.

The Walther CCP 9mm pistol is a blowback action. The Walther borrows heavily from the Heckler and Koch P7M8 for its SoftCoil design. There is a vent in the barrel that shoots gas into a cylinder beneath the barrel. This piston acts to slow the slide’s action. This makes for lighter recoil.

The pistol was easy enough to shoot. Follow-up shots were rapid, and the pistol was comfortable to fire. Just as important to some shooters, the pistol is easy to load. The slide was among the easiest to rack that I have used. Coupled with the pistol’s forward cocking serrations, this is a handgun that no one should have any problem making ready.

The magazine release and slide lock were ergonomic and easily manipulated. The pistol was fired with a wide range of ammunition. The standouts for accuracy were the Fiocchi 124-grain EXTREMA hollow point, Hornady 124-grain XTP, and Winchester 115-grain Silvertip. The gas-operated action did not like 90-grain bullets. The 147-grain loads do not generate the necessary momentum for reliable function. This preference is in common with the Heckler and Koch P7M8 9mm handgun. Stick with the 115- to 124-grain loads, and you will have a reliable and accurate handgun.

The SoftCoil is a retarded blowback design. The gas cylinder keeps the slide locked in place until pressure abates and the bullet exits the barrel.
The SoftCoil is a retarded blowback design. The gas cylinder keeps the slide locked in place until pressure abates and the bullet exits the barrel.

At 15 yards, groups of 2 inches for five shots were the average when firing from a solid bench rest firing position. The pistol is light, reliable with the loads specified for its operation, and accurate enough. Walther quality and design is a plus, and the Soft Coil design allows easy shooting.

The pistol was fired extensively with 115- and 124-grain loads, with some loads exhibiting true gilt-edged accuracy. Felt recoil was generally light, even for a 9mm handgun. Overall, the Walther CCP offers Walther quality and while Walther fans will like the piece those on the fence in deciding which 9mm they will purchase may consider this handgun.

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