Protecting the 2A with the 10A

Pages from 2015-state-of-the-nullification-movement-reportLaw Shield was interested to read the Tenth Amendment Center’s (TAC) 2015 State of the Nullification Movement report, a comprehensive look at the group’s successes and the challenges faced in efforts to resist unconstitutional federal acts through state, local and individual action over the past year.

According to the report, last year state legislators across the country introduced close to 400 bills drafted to reject, or simply ignore, federal authority. Governors in various states signed dozens of bills into law.

On page 31 of the 2015 State of the Nullification Movement report, 2nd Amendment issues come to the fore front, with TAC advocating a three-pronged approach to nullifying federal infringements of the right to bear arms.

In the first step, the state bans enforcement of any future federal gun acts, laws, orders, regulations, or rules. This legislation prohibits a state from taking any action, or providing any resources, to enforce or assist in the enforcement of future federal gun measures. Idaho was the first state to pass step one as law (S.1332), with Gov. Otter signing it in March 2014.

The second step bans state enforcement of specific current federal gun measures. This builds on step one by including one or more significant federal measures currently on the books. For instance, a bill introduced in Louisiana in 2014 would have authorized possession of short-barreled firearms without federal registration.

The third step prohibits state enforcement of all federal gun measures, current and future.


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