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ProMag Industries Leaves California

Law Shield members probably won’t be surprised to hear that ProMag Industries, one of the world’s largest producers of firearm magazines and gun accessories, has officially left California after new state magazine restrictions were introduced this year. The company’s new facility in Phoenix is now fully functional nine months after the move.

ProMag Industries employed more than 200 employees in their South Gate, California facility. They were forced out after 25 years by no longer being able to sell their own products from California, said General Manager Mike Kurvink.

“Our move to Phoenix was an opportunity to start from scratch,” Kurvink said. “Trying to keep up with the demand for our products during the high-capacity-magazine panic lead to many quality issues. We have had the opportunity to correct these problems, not only in our manufacturing process, but also by making a commitment to quality from the shop floor to the boardroom.”

More than 150 tons of equipment on 40+ oversized trucks were shipped to the new 90,000-square-foot factory in west Phoenix. Only a handful of California employees were selected to move to Arizona for the restructure.

Kurvink said, “We take what we do very seriously —  we are not making Pez dispensers. We are committed to making magazines our customers can depend on.”

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