Professor Sues University for Banning Guns

A University of Missouri law professor, Royce de R. Barondes, filed a suit on Monday, Sept. 21, 2015 against the UM Curators and UM System President Tim Wolfe, saying the University’s policy prohibiting guns on campus infringes upon his Constitutional rights.

Mr. Barondes is a concealed carry permit holder in Missouri and teaches a course in firearms law.

The lawsuit challenges the Constitutionality of the gun ban in light of the recent amendment to the Missouri Constitution.  In August 2014, Missouri voters strengthened their state’s “Second Amendment” provision by passing a measure that stated a citizen’s right to keep and bear arms for self-defense cannot be questioned and is unalienable.    It further went on to provide any gun regulations be subjected to the so-called “strict scrutiny” examination by the courts.  “Strict scrutiny” is the most stringent judicial review used by courts to weigh governmental interests against a Constitutional right.

The lawsuit asserts the ban violates his right to carry a firearm for self-defense and makes him more vulnerable to crime.

At least thirteen other states are pushing bills to allow concealed carry on a campus or university.  In June of this year, Texas Governor Greg Abbott signed his state legislature’s bill into law.  According to the National Conference of State Legislatures, Missouri is in the minority of 20 states with laws specifically banning concealed-and-carry on campuses.

Professor Barondes hopes this test case for the state’s gun laws in light of the Constitutional amendment will result in his ability to carry a firearm on his person or in his car while on the campus.

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