Pro-Suppressor Laws Moving Forward Nationwide

Our NFA Law Shield members will be happy to hear that suppressor-legalization measures are moving forward in several states:

Perhaps most interesting is HB 1205, which the South Dakota House approved. It would streamline the National Firearms Act process by imposing reasonable deadlines to ensure that individuals who are lawfully seeking to obtain an NFA item are able to do so in a prompt manner. HB 1205 would require the chief law enforcement officer to act on the application within 15 days of receipt.

Elsewhere, a New Hampshire House committee held a public hearing on HB 500 that would repeal the current ban on hunting with suppressors in the state. Suppressors are already legal to possess in the Granite State, and 35 states allow the use of suppressors for hunting.

A Vermont House committee held a hearing for H.210, legislation to repeal the current ban on the manufacture, sale, use, or possession of a suppressor. Vermont would become the 40th state to allow the lawful ownership of firearm suppressors.

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