President's Message: U.S. Law Shield Is Open in Arkansas

Kirk-Evans-president-TLS-USLSI would like to personally thank all of our members and all of the facilities, instructors, ranges, and stores that have worked with us over the years. Thanks to you and all of your support, U.S. Law Shield is now available to the law-abiding gun owners of Arkansas. Your contributions have helped us provide gun owners in these two states with the peace of mind that they can exercise their rights without the added concern about the potential costs of legal defense.

On top of that, U.S. Law Shield can now expand its educational efforts to thousands of additional gun owners through our seminars and firearms publications.

Also, we have several more new states we’re working on as well. As we expand, please tell your friends and loved ones in these new states about U.S. Law Shield, or have them check us out at


Kirk W. Evans
President, Texas & U.S. Law Shield

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