Police Take Back Offer to Search Homes for Guns

Law Shield was surprised to hear that Beloit, Wisconsin Police Chief Norm Jacobs had asked city residents to volunteer to have officers search their homes for guns — something we couldn’t imagine our members ever considering on 2nd Amendment and/or 4th Amendment grounds.

But the offer was quickly rescinded.

In an interview with Wisconsin Public Radio, Chief Jacobs described gun violence as an infectious disease like Ebola, and, according to the story, “a home inspection [was] like a vaccine to help build up the city’s immune system.”

“Gun violence is as serious as the Ebola virus is being represented in the media, and we should fight it using the tools that we’ve learned from our health providers,” he said to WPR.

In an interview with the Examiner, Beloit City Manager Larry Arft said the initial announcement by Chief Jacobs noted that there would have to be a signed release from the homeowner or tenant before an officer would enter the premises.

Arft said the proposal “got grossly misrepresented in the social media.”

Actually, we think it was represented accurately as a very bad idea.

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