Quadir Boyer and his mother (Photo courtesy FOX 29 News)

A 14-year-old teen came to the aid of his family when two burglary suspects burst into their Philadelphia home October 17, 2017.

Young Quadir Boyer heard a commotion and found two burglars fighting with his mother and her boyfriend. Quadir felt had to do something to protect his family, so he first got his sister out of the house. He then went back inside, grabbed a kitchen knife, and went to the aid of his mother. He stabbed one of the assailants in the back who then fled out the door, quickly followed by his accomplice. The man, still with the knife in his back, only made it a half a block before collapsing and dying. The other suspect got away.

When asked why he did what he did, Quadir responded that he had to protect his family.

The deceased suspect, Craig Jones, 42, had 20 prior arrests.

Police are still investigating the incident but do not expect charges to be filed against Quadir.

Incidents like this happen more often than you think, where a young person comes to the defense of their family. And when that happens, they will be subjected to the same scrutiny as an adult in determining whether their action was justified.

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