Orlando Citizens to Petition City for Stricter Gun Laws

Photo by Monivette Cordeiro
Photo by Monivette Cordeiro

Following the mass shooting at the Orlando nightclub last June, an online petition is circulating calling for the city to enact stricter gun regulations.

The petition, started on Change.org by Orlando resident and activist Dylan Wolstencroft, has reached nearly 40,000 signatures, and the organizer says when it hits, 50,000, it will be submitted to the mayor and city council.

According to U.S. Law Shield Independent Program Attorney David Katz, “Mr. Wolstencroft’s effort all may be for naught with regards to Orlando taking action because of a state preemption law.”

“In Florida,” Katz added, “only the Legislature can enact laws regulating guns and ammunition. Cities and counties can’t pass gun control ordinances, so, under the law, any gun control ordinance passed by a county, city, or town municipal is automatically null and void.”

Katz went on to point out that any local lawmaker who does not follow the law can be fined up to $5,000.

Wolstencroft says that Mayor Buddy Dyer “has the voice necessary to put legitimate pressure” to influence Congress on the issue.

Carrying it one step further, Wolstencroft will also present the petition to a couple of United States Representatives from the Orlando area, Democrat Alan Grayson and Republican Daniel Webster.

In his petition, Wolstencroft states that the AR-15 has “absolutely no place in an urban environment like Orlando. They are completely inappropriate for any and all circumstances in our city, and frankly, in our state as a whole.”

His focus appears to be on the weapon and not the shooter.

What are your thoughts on the AR-15?

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