Open Carry Texas Protests San Antonio Arrest

KSAT-TV in San Antonio has reported that dozens of Open Carry Texas members gathered outside the San Antonio Police Department’s west substation Sunday to protest the treatment of one of their members by officers.

According to the KSAT-TV report, on March 31, Henry Vichique was walking home with his loaded rifle slung over his shoulder. Someone called 911, and when police arrived they asked the 19-year-old to put his weapon down. Vichique did not comply with the order and officers used a Taser to subdue him.

If you would like to know what the state’s actual open-carry laws and history are — and how some police departments and municipal lawyers are bending the rules to discourage legal open carry — download the free special report; the “Open Carry Manifesto.”

We discuss in the report how, “In Texas, open carry is a form of political speech as old as when we flew the flag of ‘Come and Take It’ at the Battle of Gonzales in 1835. Whether it was in Austin over the summer of 2013 during a rally for gun rights or the Black Panthers march during the 1988 Republican National Convention in Houston, open carry has consistently been a form of political speech in Texas.”

Check out KSAT-TV’s report below — paying careful attention to San Antonio Police Chief William McManus’s comments — and decide for yourself if the city’s police are wrongfully using their power to bypass the legislature and make open carry illegal.

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