Oklahoma: More ‘Active Shooter’ Special Events Now Available


To Our Oklahoma Members and Other Friends of the Gun:

As you may have seen from our newsletters on Friday, June 17, Texas & U.S. Law Shield launched a new event campaign entitled “Surviving an Active Shooter” in a few select Texas and Florida markets. The response we received was overwhelming. In fact, within the first hour of business on Friday, four of the five available Texas events filled up—each with more than 50-person capacities. We were inundated with calls from people who were disappointed they were unable to register for these events because our limited schedule of “Surviving an Active Shooter” events was full.

Given the reaction from just our member-base, we have elected to push forward and roll this program out on a national basis immediately. In the table at the bottom of this post, you will find events in your state that have been changed from our regular legal seminars to these new “Surviving an Active Shooter” events.

To register for these events, click GunLawSeminar.com or click the green “Register” button below. You’ll then be able to choose events from a pull-down state-specific menu. Please note: Not all of the events listed in the seminar schedule will have Active Shooter” programming. Check the “Event Type” for that description. Events listed as “Gun Law Workshop featuring New Laws” are not Active Shooter” events.

If you have questions about the events, please call customer service (877) 474-7184 (option 3) or e-mail seminars@uslawshield.com any time prior to the event.

On this topic, we encourage you to think beyond just your personal training needs. As you’re looking at the “Surviving an Active Shooter” event schedules, please consider inviting friends, family, and work colleagues. Sadly, it is not alarmist to say these unspeakable tragedies can happen anywhere—the fact is, they have happened at night clubs, work gatherings out of the office, schools, movie theaters, political rallies, and many other venues where large groups of unarmed people gather.

Our best hope is that you never, ever have to put into action any of the ideas presented at these “Surviving an Active Shooter” events. Regrettably, this is the world we live in, so we choose to be prepared. Come get ready with us.

— Randy Macchi, General Counsel, Texas & U.S. Law Shield

Click the image to open the events-registration page.





6/23/16 Oklahoma City Big Boys Guns and Ammo
6/24/16 Tulsa U.S. Shooting Academy
6/28/16 Oklahoma City H&H Shooting Sports
6/29/16 Hartshorne Six Feet Under Gun Shop
7/5/16 Duncan Simmons Center
7/6/16 Henryetta American Legion Post 85
7/7/16 Tulsa Hampton Inn Tulsa – Ballroom
7/14/16 Claremore American Legion Post 141
7/19/16 Bristo VFW Post 3656
7/21/16 Oklahoma City KR Connected Sports
7/26/16 Oklahoma City ELC Center
7/26/16 Tulsa American Legion Post 1 Tulsa
7/28/16 Tulsa U.S. Shooting Academy


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