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Oklahoma Hunters No Longer Hogtied if Governor Signs Bill into Law

On May 9th, the Oklahoma Senate gave approval to Senate Bill 1142 aimed at reducing Oklahoma’s feral hog population and the bill may be headed to the Governor for consideration.

“If signed by the Governor, the new law would no longer hogtie property owners and hunters when it comes to addressing the problem of feral hogs,” says U. S. Law Shield of Oklahoma Independent Program Attorney Robert Robles.

Oklahoma lawmakers are trying to help farmers and ranchers with a nuisance problem that has been growing over the past five years, costing them thousands of dollars in lost crops and livestock. The bill would allow property owners and those with permission from the property owners to shoot and kill feral hogs without a permit anytime of the day or night.wild-boar-running

“Feral hog problems in Oklahoma are nothing new,” says Robles. “These wild animals can weigh hundreds of pounds and are often very destructive and aggressive.”

Sen. Kyle Loveless is one several co-authors. He said this is a legislation that’s long overdue.

“They literally are a virus with four legs with the demeanor of a Tasmanian devil,” Loveless said. “I don’t look at it as hunting. I look at it as preservation of your property,” he added.
Right now, the wild hogs can only be killed during season and with a hunting permit.

“This legislation gives Oklahomans more options to combat the rapidly growing menace to safety and property,” says Robles.

However, on May 12, 2016, the bill was recalled by the Senate on a housekeeping measure to correct language in the bill. The bill will now have to pass another vote in the Legislature before it can be returned to the governor’s office. Gov. Fallin has not indicated whether she will sign the bill into law

We will keep you informed as to the Governor’s decision.

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