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Oh Deer! It’s Deer Season in Missouri!

The following is a video transcript.

Deer season is approaching. What does that mean legally for you as a hunter?

What you need to know: #1 No Baiting of Deer Allowed

Number one, no baiting of deer allowed. This should go without saying, but I’m going to say it anyway: salt licks cannot be used to bait deer to make them easy hunting prey. Baiting deer is a misdemeanor offense and can lead to fines.

What you need to know: #2 Have Your Hunting License

Make sure you have your hunting license before you go hunting. Not doing so could lead to unnecessary fines. It can be easy to forget or overlook if you’re joining your buddies for a hunt and you don’t plan in advance. Get your hunting license early in the season.

What you need to know: #3 Have the Proper Deer Tags

Number three, make sure you have your deer tags and bring them with you. Not having your proper tags is a misdemeanor offense. Don’t make the foolish mistake that could land you in court.

Again, these are things that some people forget in the moment. Plan ahead and be prepared so that you can have a great time.

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