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Of Course Terrorists Can Buy Guns

Law Shield notes that automatic rifles used in the January terrorist attacks in Paris may have been decommissioned weapons legally bought in Slovakia and restored to fire live ammunition.

French police are exploring whether weapons used in the deadly assaults on the Charlie Hebdo offices and at a Kosher supermarket were purchased from a shop in western Slovakia, where records revealed they were sold legally as “expanz” (expansion) weapons.

Expansion weapons are originally live weapons that are deactivated mechanically and turned into blank-firing guns to be used as props in movies, for historical reenactment or private collections. Anyone over the age of 18 can buy one with an ID.

The Washington Post also reported recently on how stringent gun laws in France, Denmark, and Australia have not prevented attacks. So why the push to register guns in the U.S., when availability of illegal firearms and easily modified firearms abroad are proven not to solve gun-crime problems?

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