Obama Vetoes Defense Bill with ‘Soldier Carry’

Law Shield members should know that when Pres. Obama vetoed a multibillion-dollar defense policy bill last week, a provision that would begin the process of authorizing “soldier carry” was also vetoed.

The National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) For Fiscal Year 2016 called for Defense Secretary Ashton Carter to set up how commanders could authorize a service member at a U.S. military installation, reserve center, recruiting location or defense facility to carry a gun on the premises.

Page 5 of a fact sheet about the bill had this paragraph:

Personal Carry of Firearms: Tragic domestic attacks on DOD personnel, including those at Little Rock, Chattanooga, and Fort Hood, convinced Conferees that a one-size-fits-all force protection standard for domestic installations is inadequate, especially where carrying personal firearms is involved. The NDAA makes clear that post commanders are empowered to permit a member of the Armed Forces to carry appropriate firearms, including personal firearms, at DOD installations, reserve centers, and recruiting centers. The Secretary of Defense must implement a policy to so empower post commanders no later than December 31, 2015.”

President Obama vetoed the 2016 NDAA at a media event on Oct. 22.




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