Not the Way to Control Guns

Law Shield is aware of a recent New York Times op/ed called “Here’s a Way to Control Guns.”

The authors were the Rev. David K. Brawley, the Rev. Otis Moss III, the Rev. David Benke and Rabbi Joel Mosbacher, members of the Metro Industrial Areas Foundation, whose aim, they claim, is “building power for social change.”

In the NYT editorial, these religious leaders don’t advocate changing the hearts of men to reduce violence. Instead, they advocate the government controlling guns by coercing gun makers. Here’s what they said:

“The president can push companies to compete in the area of safer guns and more responsible distribution. Here’s how to start.

First, use federal purchasing power to begin a substantive conversation with gun manufacturers. The Pentagon is in the process of selecting the provider of handguns for the United States Army. It should require all bidders to provide detailed information about their gun safety technologies and distribution practices in the civilian market. No response, no contract.”

Perhaps, the Metro Industrial Areas Foundation’s real aim is to drive gun companies out of business. No gun companies, no guns.

The Revs. Brawley, Moss III, Benke and Rabbi Mosbacher may not be able to line up sufficient public support for their views, so they appeal to the President to force private companies they don’t like to come to heel by forcing them into a partnership with the federal government with all its inherent controls and power. Such an alliance may not prove economically viable to gun manufactures.

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