Not SAFE? 105 More People Laid Off at Remington’s NY Plant

As Law Shield has reported, it was a fait accompli that gun-industry jobs would be leaving New York once the state passed its SAFE Act banning certain semi-auto rifles and standard-size magazines.

The first round occurred in May, when Remington Arms announced that it was consolidating manufacturing in its new facility in Huntsville, Alabama, relocating 80 jobs from Ilion, NY southward. The Ilion facility turns 200 years old in 2016 and is the country’s oldest gun manufacturer.

Now 105 more jobs are leaving Ilion, the company announced, and the finger-pointing has begun.

“The layoffs at Remington Arms are a function of Remington moving to the state of Alabama and consolidating operations all across the country,” Cuomo told reporters at the State Fair in Syracuse.

But why did Remington leave your state, Gov. Cuomo? At the time SAFE passed, Remington said in a statement, “While we are unhappy with the misguided acts of our elected politicians, Remington will not run or abandon its loyal and hard working 1,300 employees without considerable thought and deliberation.”

Apparently, “considerable thought and deliberation” have occurred.

New York Assembly candidate Chris Farber, whose district contains Ilion, said in a statement, “The families of the 105 employees being laid off from Remington Arms have been my constituents for the past 11 years and are my friends and neighbors who will need our help during this difficult time. It is unfortunate the current business climate in New York State does not encourage the growth or maintaining of jobs. There is a direct link to the over regulation and hostile attitude towards business to the loss of population in upstate New York.”

What’s your view? Is Remington moving because gun manufacturing is no longer SAFE to do in the state? Or are union and labor considerations more important reasons?

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