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In Baytown, Texas, armed Pastor Benny Holmes stopped an intruder in a recent self-defense shooting at the Church of New Beginnings.

According to police reports, Lee Marvin Blue Jr. tried to enter the Church of New Beginnings by kicking in the door in an attempt to rob it. Surveillance video shows the man breaking through the door.

But Pastor Holmes was sleeping inside and he was armed when he heard the intruder in the church. Pastor Holmes confronted Blue who had laptops in his hand. Pastor Holmes feared for his life and told the intruder twice to stop.  When the aggressor failed to heed the warning, Pastor Holmes shot Blue in self-defense.   The burglar was taken to the hospital with non-life threatening injuries.  Baytown police do not anticipate charges against Pastor Holmes.

Law Shield notes that nearly every day, somewhere in the country, an armed citizen defends life and property from all manner of assailants.

In our seminars, we note what are the elements of legal self-defense shootings.  Based on news reports, it appears Pastor Holmes had every right to employ deadly force to stop what he believed would be a life-threatening assault by an unknown intruder that had just used force to break his way into the building.

Do you agree with the Pastor’s decision to use deadly force?

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