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No Implementation Seen for Notice 41P as a Final Rule

Law Shield has been monitoring the progress of Notice 41P (NFA Trusts) as a Final Rule for quite some time. Update: BATFE is unlikely to publish Notice 41P in the near future.

41P would require the responsible person(s) on an NFA Trust be fingerprinted; add a definition for the term “responsible person” in formation of a corporation, trust or legal entity to complete a specified form; and to modify the requirements regarding the certificate of the chief law enforcement officer (CLEO).

Reason for the postponement: According to the National Shooting Sports Foundation (NSSF), BATFE Enforcement Programs and Services (EPS) resources are being diverted to help process the 310,000 public comments received in response to the armor-piercing ammunition-framework proposal of a couple of months back.

In addition, NSSF said it seems ATF has not prepared to revise the NFA database so that it can track “responsible persons” for NFA trusts.

Click here to read our comment in opposition to the proposal.

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