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NJ Woman Murdered While Pistol Permit Languished

Texas Law Shield is grateful that we live in Texas — and not New Jersey — a state whose gun laws prevented a recently murdered woman from defending herself.

Carol Bowne, 39, obtained a restraining order because she was afraid of Michael Eitel, a 45-year-old ex con, whom she had broken up with, according to Fox News.

She also applied for a gun permit, but New Jersey’s strict gun laws include long delays. First, a law-abiding citizen like Bowne isn’t eligible to purchase and possess handguns until she has filled out forms available at local police stations, submitted to a background check for any criminal history or mental-health issues, provided fingerprints, then paying a fee.

After all that, local police then conduct an investigation on the individual, and the police chief is supposed to approve or deny for cause within 30 days.

Unfortunately, Eitel savagely beat and stabbed Bowne until she lay dead in her own Berlin Township driveway, where she was found June 3.

Her gun permit paperwork was still on the desk of Berlin Township Police Chief Leonard Check, who had held the forms for six weeks, according to Fox.

Evan Nappen, a New Jersey-based attorney who specializes in Second Amendment cases told Fox News, “She should have been granted that permit in a timely matter, especially given her status as a domestic violence victim.”

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