Nice Way to Get Some ‘Action’

Law Shield staff chuckled when we saw this nice bit of pranking from the NRA Show:

Slide Fire Design Director Todd Kauranen made a special trip outside the 2014 NRA Show to get a picture with Mrs. Shannon Watts. Watts is a political operative heading the Michael Bloomberg-funded Moms Demand Action anti-gun group.

On the Slide Fire Facebook page, Kauranen “thanked” Watts for her unsuccessful campaign to remove a Slide Fire “Pure American” billboard. He said the resulting controversy “allowed us to reach thousands of potential customers that would have otherwise been unaware of our product.”

After posing for the accompanying picture, Kauranen made sure to thank her for all the publicity she has given Slide Fire and the firearms industry. Kauranen then said that Watts had a considerable change in demeanor and stated that she is “out to shame us.” Kauranen replied by telling her that “whatever she’s doing, keep it up because it has been doing great.”

Click here to see the entire post on the Slide Fire Facebook page.

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