New State-Level Anti-Gun Group Hides Members’ Identities

Law Shield doesn’t like secrecy in most affairs of government, so we’re more than a little miffed about a handful of state legislators from across the country who supposedly belong to a new anti-gun group, American State Legislators for Gun Violence Prevention, or ASLGVP.

In December, the group announced its existence at the National Press Club in Washington, DC, and it claims to be non-partisan in its work to push new gun restrictions at the state level.

Our problem with ASLGVP is that it boasts having 200 members from all 50 states — but the group will not release a membership list due to a fear of “political backlash.” So, outside of the eight members who participated in the inaugural press conference, no one knows who is, or is not, a member of this group.

Our Law Shield members across the country have a right to know whether or not their respective elected officials are members of this group. If a state legislator is too scared to reveal his or her affiliation with this group, shouldn’t that say something about the agenda that ASLGVP may be trying to move forward?


From left are Alabama State Representative Merika Coleman-Evans (D), New Hampshire State Representative Renny Cushing (D), Georgia State Senator Vince Fort (D), New York State Assemblyman and ASLGVP founder and Chair Brian Kavanagh (D), Kansas State Representative Barbara Bollier (R), Texas State Senator José R. Rodriguez (D), Virginia State Senator Adam Ebbin (D), and Missouri State Representative Stacey Newman (D). Photo from ASLGVP Facebook page.

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