New Gun Range Will Allow Patrons to Take Two Kinds of Shots – Just Not Together

In Florida, a proposed Daytona Beach indoor shooting range will be connected to a restaurant that sells alcoholic beverages.

City commissioners recent approved a measure that will allow a 12-lane gun range, restaurant and retail store to open in a building on the city’s west side near Interstate 95.

The proposed developer described safety measures that will be implemented and that was enough to satisfy the concerns of the commissioners.  Commissioner Rob Gilliland said other Daytona Beach gun ranges have had fewer safety precautions than the new business promises to institute and they haven’t had problems.

Businessmen Ron Perkinson and Edward Staudt have said that anyone dining in the restaurant that orders an alcoholic drink will have their driver’s license scanned, along with the licenses of everyone else at the table. Then, if the person goes to the shooting range, his license will be scanned again and it will pop up that he had been drinking.  At that point, he will be denied access to the range.

They also said guns will not be allowed in the restaurant and they will post signs to that effect and possibly even install metal detectors at the door.

This concept is not a unique idea.  Just last summer, an Oklahoma City gun range with a restaurant was granted a liquor license.

Good idea, or not? We’d like to know how the Law Shield community would have voted on this measure.

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