'National Reciprocity' Wanted as Trump's First Gun-Law Effort

Commenters on Texas & U.S. Law Shield social media overwhelmingly want President-Elect Donald J. Trump to push national reciprocity as his first gun-rights-related legislative effort.

Those posting on our Texas Law Shield Facebook page and our U.S. Law Shield Facebook page expressed their wish for “National Concealed Carry Reciprocity” above “Ending Gun-Free Zones On Military Bases,” “Legalizing Silencers,” “NICS Background Check Reform,” and “Allowing Importation of Collectible Historical Firearms.”

Tim A. wrote, “Dang, those are five reforms I can appreciate.”

USFB“Our members are concerned about following the rules, and it would be much easier for them to stay legal nationally if reciprocity were extended state to state like driver’s licenses,” said Kirk W. Evans, President of Texas & U.S. Law Shield. “Under the current system of state-by-state rulemaking, it is very easy to run afoul of gun laws that can have dire consequences, such as when a person who’s licensed in another state carries into New Jersey.”

Those who commented included James C., who wrote, “Once you clear an FBI background check, you should be able to carry a gun in all 50 states. The Second Amendment [should] override any restrictions that’s put up on carry by the states.”

Jay A. wrote, “The 50-state carry law would be #1 to me. Then military carry, then the background check.”

Travis T. would prefer silencers be regulated like firearms, instead of National Firearms Act items, saying, “Hearing protection act! Please please please! And take SBR’s [short-barreled rifles] off the NFA as well.”

Marc S. opined that he would like a “declaration that most ‘assault weapon’ restrictions, as well as suppressor restrictions, violate the Americans with Disabilities Act and thus cannot be banned by any state. Suppressors would then become an accessory outside of the background check system, as would prohibitions against state bans of flash hiders, fore grips, barrel shroud restrictions, adjustable stocks, pistol grips, and fixed magazines.”

To see some of the real-world problems associated with transporting firearms across state lines, click the video below.

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