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National Presidential Candidate Calls for Way More Gun Regulations

NRA-coverLaw Shield members belong to all political parties, so we don’t favor one over another. But when a candidate for president proposes something negative regarding gun ownership, we think it’s worth mentioning to our members.

Former Maryland Governor Martin O’Malley has rolled out a set of proposals that, if implemented, would make the country regulate firearms like the state he formerly headed. Below are points taken directly from his website:

Require a background check for every gun sale. O’Malley will fight for laws requiring all gun buyers to complete background checks. All private sales would be processed through a licensed dealer or law enforcement agency that completes background checks, as O’Malley required in Maryland.

End unregulated internet gun sales. Because hundreds of thousands of guns are sold online, people who are prohibited from owning them can easily purchase guns while avoiding a background check. O’Malley will work to require all gun purchases to be completed in person through licensed dealers, who will be required to complete a background check and comply with all other safety laws.

Strengthen background check protections. O’Malley will work end “default proceeds,” where agents have only three business days to finish background checks before the sale automatically proceeds. Law enforcement should have the time they need to complete background checks: this broken process allows more than 2,500 prohibited individuals to purchase guns annually. O’Malley will also seek to end the “Brady exemption” that allows permit holders to avoid background checks.

Encourage states to improve information sharing. In order for background checks to be fully effective, states must provide complete and accurate data on persons prohibited from owning guns, including those with felony records and histories of domestic abuse. The Obama Administration has made important investments to support states that share information with the federal background check system. O’Malley will build on these efforts, continuing to provide critical resources to states to help them modernize recordkeeping and share critical data.

Other points he includes are fingerprint licensing, setting a national age requirement for handgun possession, requiring the responsible storage of guns at home, and rejecting federally mandated concealed carry.

Law Shield will have to agree to disagree with Gov. O’Malley’s ideas, and we hope these ideas are never imposed on anyone else.

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