More About Guns and Alcohol in Colorado

If you watched the Guns in Colorado Bars and Restaurants video, you heard from Independent Program Attorney Doug Richards that though it is legal to carry a firearm into a bar in Colorado if the establishment allows it, it’s not a good idea. If you do go into a bar while carrying, he also strongly advises against drinking alcohol while there. To learn more on the topic so you can stay legal and safe while you carry, check out this excerpt from Colorado Gun Law, Armed And Educated:


Possession of a firearm while under the influence

Section 18-12-106 of the Colorado Revised Statutes makes it a class 2 misdemeanor to possess a firearm while a person is “under the influence of intoxicating alcohol” or a controlled substance. There is no definition for “under the influence” and our experience has been that police officers provide purely subjective opinions in this area. We have seen officers attempt to use DUI tests to confirm intoxication on clients; however, the vast majority simply state that the subject was intoxicated or appeared to be under the influence. A “controlled substance” is defined here the same way as it is defined for the purpose of the Colorado Concealed Carry Permit application, discussed in Chapter Eight of this book. Beware, possession of a Colorado Concealed Carry Permit or a temporary emergency permit is no defense to this law.

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