Missouri: Armed Teachers Bill Awaits Gov’s Signature

Law Shield was glad to see that the Missouri Senate passed a bill that would allow for armed teachers in schools. The successful bill, if enacted into law, would allow vetted and trained teachers and school administrators to carry firearms on campus. The measure was approved by the state Senate 111-28.

Under the bill, school districts could allow cross-trained faculty to become “School Protection Officers.” All volunteers, teachers and administrators would need a valid Missouri concealed-carry permit and complete a Peace Officer Standards and Training (POST) Commission certification course. Once these steps were completed, faculty and administrators would be allowed to carry on school grounds if the district opted to allow armed personnel on campus.

SB 656 would also lower the current age requirement to obtain a concealed carry permit from 21 to 19 and would simplify the process to obtain a permit by eliminating the need for applicants to physically demonstrate proper use of both a semiautomatic pistol and a revolver.

In addition, the bill would allow Missourians with a concealed carry permit to open carry. Specifically, the bill states that local governments would not be allowed to prohibit the open carrying of a firearm by an individual with a valid concealed carry endorsement.

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