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Members’ Voice Video: What to Do Next If You Display Your Firearm in Virginia



Sherry Hale, Member Ambassador: Hey, members. 2016 was a phenomenal year for us here at U.S. Law Shield. Did you know that our family has grown to over 210,000 members? And we’re only getting bigger. But I want you to remain vigilant because this time of year crime does go up.

One important thing I wanted to talk to you guys about today is, if you do have to display your firearm to a threat, what you immediately need to do afterwards. So, I thought it would be helpful if we spoke to our Independent Program Attorney to get some insight on this.

U.S. Law Shield of Virginia Independent Program Attorney W. Edward Riley IV:  Thank you, Sherry. If you’ve been in a situation where you’ve had to display your firearm to eliminate a threat, then the first thing you need to do is secure that firearm and then call 911.

While you’re speaking with the 911 operator, you want to give a description of yourself so they know who you are and explain that you’ve been in a situation, you need emergency assistance and to send help right away.

At that point, hang up. You do not need to engage the 911 operator in a discussion about what occurred. You just need to make sure they have the basic information and then hang up.

And you need to call Law Shield, and then we will assist you in determining what’s the best defense and a strategy to address whatever issues may come about as far as the police investigation.

Sherry Hale, Member Ambassador: As an example, I recently was speaking to Santiago, one of our members, and he was involved in a road rage incident where he had to display his firearm. Santiago did the correct thing. He called 911 first and then U.S. Law Shield’s hotline.

Thank you, Santiago, for sharing your story with me.

Members, if you have a great story relating to owning a firearm or how your U.S. Law Shield membership has benefited you, we want to hear about it. Share your story at, and maybe we will include it in our next newsletter.

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