Members Ask — What About Guns in Church?

A recent Texas Law Shield Facebook post regarding church carry caused quite a debate as to whether or not a person can legally carry in church. The short answer is: You can carry, unless you are given proper notice not to carry (written 30.06 signage, a business card with the 30.06 verbiage handed to you, or verbal notice).

Here are some comments by members about the issue:

Scott: Our church just went through this. We have 27 doors that would need signage. What we decided was to follow the law, but if someone open carries, they will be asked to conceal the weapon (if they have a license) or return it to their vehicle. No signs though. We have a sheriff deputy assigned to protect the pastor and two in the audience. Each church has to make its own policy, just like a business.

Steve: I managed a store in Ozona, Texas in the 1960s that was not legally in a town. It did not have a police force, but it had stations for the Border Patrol and Texas Rangers. When they went to church, they showed respect for the church by hanging their gun belts on the hat rack (almost every man wore a hat in those days.) No one thought anyone would try to attack a church.

Randy: There are several in [our church] who carry. All the regular members are aware, although they don’t know who we are. It’s a security issue.

Dewey: Seems like guns banned in place of worship is the most misunderstood notion that students bring to class. Once explained they understand and get it. The history of this legislation makes for entertaining lesson segment.

Ronald: My oldest brother is a pastor, and he carries while on the the stage doing his preaching. For crying out loud people, your self defense and sometimes that of others depends completely on you until the authorities arrive. There is no law until they get there.

Kirt: Our pastor has a security committee that is armed for every service. Must have LTC and pass a proficiency test.

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