Member Story: Innocent Child vs. Neighborhood Bully

The following is a video transcript. This is a reenactment and dramatization of an actual member’s story. This video does not and is not intended to depict or replicate the actual persons, places, or circumstances involved in the incident.

Kids always manage to find a way to get into trouble. However, in this member’s story, we will see what happens when it’s the trouble that finds the kid.

Our member’s son, Sam, was riding his bike to the park to meet with his friends. The neighborhood bully whose house is along the way was outside playing basketball with another kid.

“One of the boys had called over Sam’s friend, and Sam after a few minutes went over to find out if everything was okay and needed any help.”

The bully grabbed Sam and his bike and ended up knocking Sam over. The bully ran inside and Sam hurried off to the park with his friends. The bully and his parents decided to go to the park to accuse Sam of bullying their son.

“So, my son yelled ‘bull’ and the father had approached by this time and grabbed my son. He got him in a bear hug. The father refused to let go and held on, started screaming and cursing at my son, and then the whole family was yelling at him. The boys that were with my son had called their parents, who showed up with their brothers. They had a talk with this boy’s parents, and they were able to finally get him out of there.”

Sam frantically rode home and ran inside to tell his parents.

“As the story started to unfold and I realized that my son was attacked by a full-grown man, I called the police.”

The police took a statement from Sam and his parents. Sam’s parents told the police where the other family lived, and the police left to speak with them.

Surprisingly, the police came back the next day and gave Sam a citation for assault, harassment, and trespassing.

“So, I immediately escorted them out, took the ticket and escorted them out, and called my Independent Program Attorney the next day.”

U.S. & Texas LawShield Independent Program Attorney Doug Richards got involved and immediately began his own investigation; he was able to thoroughly review the investigating officer’s bodycam footage of the interviews. He concluded that the officer clearly misinterpreted the timeline of events and that a witness from the park who was interviewed had a clear bias towards Sam.

In court, the bully’s father lost his temper during Doug’s cross-examination, showing real signs of emotional instability. The combination of these elements helped Doug successfully challenge the version of events presented by the prosecutor.

This story serves as a reminder that there are people out there who will without hesitation throw an innocent child under the bus of the criminal justice system. Fortunately, Sam’s parents had added Minor Children Coverage to their U.S. & Texas LawShield membership and the judge found Sam not guilty on all three charges.

Learn how you can add Minor Children Coverage, located in our optional Member Coverage, to your U.S. & Texas LawShield membership today.

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