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Member Perk: Shooters Grill

Hi, everyone. G Gun Girl here, Brand Ambassador for U.S. LawShield in the beautiful State of Colorado. U.S. LawShield Members here in Colorado your voices have been heard. I have received countless emails about coming out here to this beautiful city and doing a very special 2A Member Perk story. Well, you know what? I am here in Rifle, Colorado at the Shooters Grill. These good folks are in here cooking up some good American homemade yumminess with a Second Amendment twist. Let’s go in and check them out.

Germaine: Okay members, so now I am inside of the Shooters Grill here in Rifle, Colorado with the beautiful Ms. Jasmine. How are you, Jasmine?

Jasmine: I’m doing pretty good. How are you?

Germaine: Great. Well, we’re really excited to be here. It’s only been two years in the making for us trying to get up here. Now what does it mean to you to be able to carry your firearm to work, being concealed or even open carry?

Jasmine: It’s a blessing. It makes me feel really comfortable and safe. The people love it. It’s nice. I love it.

Germaine: That’s wonderful. Now what do you carry?

Jasmine: I have a .38 Special Smith and Wesson.

Germaine: Oh, wow. So, no one’s going to be messing with you, for sure. I love it. Now do you find that you’re seeing a lot of people coming in from different states, or different cities just to kind of see you ladies coming in carrying while you’re serving?

Jasmine: Constantly. Always, always. Almost all of my tables are people from all over the world. They’re just as excited as we are.

Germaine: Now tell us the most important question here. What’s the best thing to order on the menu?

Jasmine: My absolute favorite … Well you can’t go wrong with any of the burgers, but definitely our Guac 9. I love it.

Germaine: And I love the name, Guac 9.

Jasmine: It comes with glockacamole.

Germaine: Love it.

Okay members, it has been a great day here at Shooters Grill in Rifle, Colorado. I have been stuffing my face with these wonderful burgers, and these delicious brisket cheese fries. Oh my gosh, amazing. I think Mason the Bear is also stuffed as well. So, you gotta come in here and experience it. It has been a wonderful day. Remember to go on to our website at Log in. Click on the Perks tab. Type in Shooters Grill, and that discount will come right up for you. If you’re not a member yet we definitely want to encourage you to sign up and become a member online to take advantage of all these wonderful perks that you’re going to get just like here at Shooters Grill. A big thank you to the Shooters Grill management and staff for allowing us to be here and film. It was a great day. So, until next time remember stay armed and stay educated. We’ll see you next time.

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