Media Pushes Debunked ‘Everytown’ School Shootings Count

Law Shield wants to point out to our members that a statistic you may hear in many media outlets — that there have been 74 school shootings since Sandy Hook Elementary School in 2012 — has been debunked.

Journalist Charles C. Johnson used Twitter to point out 74-event list provided by Everytown included criminals who managed to get themselves shot near schools, shootings that occurred in school parking lots after hours, accidents, suicides, and of course gang violence. Click here to see a collection of all the original tweets.

Another debunking has since been done by CNN, which originally got hoodwinked by Everytown for Gun Safety’s numbers. CNN later followed up with a segment that made it clear mass shootings are not on the rise.

So, what was the true number of school shootings since Newtown? Johnson (7) and CNN (15) have different tallies, but even CNN’s higher number is a far cry from Everytown for Gun Safety’s 74.

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