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Marine Vet Stops Armed Robbery

A recent event outside Houston offers Texas Law Shield a chance to reinforce some legal points for our members.

According to KPRC-TV, “a 28-year-old Marine veteran killed a robbery suspect in a wild shootout in the parking lot of a shopping center in northeast Harris County.

“Sheriff’s deputies are not identifying the man who they say was having lunch at a sandwich shot next door when he saw the suspect and an accomplice put on hoodies and bandannas in the parking lot at around 12:30 p.m. Thursday, and go into a GameStop store located at Wallisville Rd and Beltway 8,” KPRC reported.

Harris Co. Sheriff’s Deputy Thomas Gilliland says the Marine veteran walked out to his truck and armed himself with a pistol while the suspects were inside the store. They robbed a clerk, and took cash and computer games, then ran outside to their getaway car to find the veteran waiting for them, according to the KRPC report.

KPRC reported that investigators say the veteran who intervened in the robbery was not hurt. They say he has a concealed handgun license. He was questioned by homicide detectives before leaving the scene. Gilliland said the man was still shaken up by the experience.

As we discuss in our seminars, Texas law allows a person to use deadly force to defend himself or others from injury or possible death. The Marine veteran did an incredibly brave thing and we are glad he’s uninjured.

It is our hope that after the incident, he gave a minimal accounting of the events and, being free to leave, left to compose himself before making a full statement accompanying his attorney.


Watch the full news report here

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