Man Refused Gun Sale by FBI Vindicated After Suit


nics-logoMembers: This is just one example of how the legal system can trample your rights. One man had to sue the FBI because the agency wouldn’t correct a legal record it had received six years earlier.

Gregory Ledet is an Ohio man who was refused a gun purchase when he tried to purchase a firearm through a licensed dealer on Feb. 27 and his National Instant Criminal Background Check System check – also known as NICS and performed by the Federal Bureau of Investigation – came back denied. After a week of effort to find out why he was turned down, the FBI informed Ledet that he was a prohibited firearms possessor.

Under federal law, those found guilty of non-domestic violence related state misdemeanors punishable by over two years in prison, among others, can lose their gun rights. Ledet’s criminal history consisted of a misdemeanor theft under $100 charge in 1997 in Louisiana for which he received a six-month suspended sentence in lieu of 18 months probation, meaning he should not have been denied.

Court records show the FBI was sent this data as early as 2003. Why didn’t the agency update Ledet’s records so he could legally buy a firearm?

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