Limited Availability of Concern Kalashnikov Products Coming

Law Shield has learned that RWC Group LLC of Tullytown, Pennsylvania, the exclusive importer of the Concern Kalashnikov Izhmash Saiga line of rifles and shotguns, has announced that a limited inventory of Russian-branded product will become available in less than a month.

Recent trade sanctions imposed by President Obama, designed to punish Russia for its actions in Ukraine, directly affects availability of Russian Kalashnikov products still outside the country. The sanctions didn’t affect goods already paid for and in this country.

All products are within full compliance of the sanctions that have been recently imposed by the U.S. Department of Treasury Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC). Due to these importation sanctions, no additional shipments from Russia will be made for the foreseeable future. Click here for additional information concerning these sanctions.

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Product will be available through the following select distributors: AcuSport, Bill Hick’s, Big Rock Sports, United Sporting Company, RSR Group, Sports South & Chattanooga Shooting Supply, beginning on or about September 1, 2014.

Quantities will be limited, so shooters interested in these products should contact their dealers immediately. Of course, Law Shield does not endorse Concern Kalashnikov’s merchandise.

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