Life or Death with Someone Else’s Gun… | Missouri


In an active shooter situation or self-defense situation, you may be forced to use someone else’s firearm in self-defense. If you have permission and are otherwise permitted by law to own and use a firearm, then there is no law in Missouri prohibiting you from using another person’s firearm in the same manner you would your own.


For example, if you needed to use your spouse’s firearm in order to protect yourself or your spouse, there’s nothing wrong with that. What if you’re in an active shooter situation and someone lends you their firearm to protect yourself? The same laws that normally apply to self-defense will still apply regardless whose gun you use.

Civil Liability

There can always be civil liability associated with using a firearm in self-defense. Even if the firearm is not yours, you could be sued for causing injury or death. In Missouri, the rules remain the same no matter whose firearm you are using: you are only justified in using deadly force if under the imminent threat of deadly force being used against you.

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