Lawyer Q&A: Does Florida Have Something Like 30.06 Signs in Texas?

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Q: Under Florida law, do private businesses have the ability to prevent a Concealed Weapon License holder from carrying on their property? If so, what is the legal requirement for them to give notice?

A: Unfortunately, Florida has no provision like 30.06. Our law says that you may not carry on private property if you know the property owner (or business owner) does not want you on the property while carrying. The catch is, you must have notice. Therefore, if you are carrying, and they ask you to leave, you must. Florida law is silent on whether a sign is sufficient to provide notice. Further, there are no requirements of sign height, language, form, manner of posting, etc. We advise that if you see a sign indicating you cannot possess a firearm, then either leave or store your firearm. If you do not see the sign, you are fine, unless asked to leave and you refuse. If approached, and you admit you saw the sign, you will be in trouble. In Florida, it is a third-degree felony to trespass while in possession of a firearm.

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