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Law Prof Says Americans Embrace Guns

Law Prof: Americans Embrace Guns

Texas Law Shield recommends our members check out an article by Glenn Harlan Reynolds, a University of Tennessee law professor. It was a March 2 USA Today column called “Americans embrace guns.” An excerpt:

At present, we’ve reached the point where the Second Amendment can be characterized as ordinary constitutional law. That is, it now protects a right that attaches to individuals, and that those individuals can enforce in federal court.

Of course “ordinary constitutional law” doesn’t mean that everything is settled — in fact, an area in which all the legal questions were settled once and for all would be more like extraordinary constitutional law. But it does mean that questions relating to gun ownership, gun carrying, and the like are now dealt with in the same way that federal courts deal with other questions of constitutional rights.

Overall, the trend of the past couple of decades seems to be toward expanding gun rights, just as the trend in the 1950s and 1960s was toward expanding free speech rights. America has more guns in private hands than ever before, even as crime rates fall, and, after a half-century or so of anti-gun hysteria, the nation seems to be reverting to its generally gun-friendly traditions.

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Do you agree with Professor Reynolds? Or are gun rights still subject to anti-gun hysteria?

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