Last to Call — First to Jail

When a Colorado member was confronted by two angry men in a grocery store parking lot, he tried to defuse the situation by showing his firearm. Watch Member Ambassador Sherry Hale explain why our Member got arrested — and learn the simple step you can take to avoid a similar fate.

Member Ambassador Sherry Hale: Hey, members. Thank you again for joining us today. I have spent a lot of time talking to several of our independent program attorneys who have all given me the same great practical advice on what to do if you ever have to display or use your firearm to stop a threat.

Always make sure you call 911 to report that you were almost a victim of a crime. Why? Because if you don’t, there is a very high likelihood that the bad guy will call 911 and report you as the criminal. This exact scenario is illustrated by the story of Scott, one of our members from Colorado. This is what happened.

Scott was exiting the supermarket when he was verbally assaulted by two individuals who were looking for an altercation. The verbal assault became so heated that our member was afraid for his life.

Scott was forced to defuse this potential deadly threat by displaying his firearm and demanding to be left alone. Being the cowards that they were, the bad guys backed away. Our member, however, made a critical mistake thinking the situation was over and drove off.

It was only a few blocks away Scott was pulled over, handcuffed and taken into custody. How in the world did this happen? Well, the answer is simple: The bad guys called 911 first and reported Scott as the aggressor. The lesson here is: Criminals lie. Scott was the victim of the crime and was charged with disorderly conduct. And only after a lengthy legal process, all charges were dismissed.

Since Scott is a member of U.S. Law Shield, he ended up paying zero attorneys’ fees. Unfortunately, this ordeal still disrupted his life. Members, please do not let this happen to you. Thank you, Scott, for sharing your story with us.

Members, if you have a great story relating to owning a firearm or how your U.S. Law Shield membership has benefited you, we want to hear about it.

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