LaserLyte V4 Compact Laser Now Available in Tan

Our Law Shield members whose tan or FDE Glocks, XDs, H&Ks, and other pistols with rails should know that LaserLyte is now making its V4 laser (FSL-4) in a tan glass-filled-nylon model.

The  $110 compact handgun laser fits on a Picatinny rail in front of the trigger guard. It’s made with a 55% glass-filled nylon body with an inner aluminum core.

The V4 Tan laser mounts on a one-inch-or-shorter Picatinny rail with a crossbar screw. An auto-off feature prevents accidental activation of the laser and prevents unnecessary battery depletion. The V4 Tan laser is ambidextrous.

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LaserLyte V4 Laser FSL-4T Specifications

Compatible Firearms                   Handguns with at least one-inch Picatinny rail

Power Output                              650NM, 5MW, Class IIIA

Programmable                            Dual mode, constant on and pulse mode.

Body Housing                              55% Glass Filled Nylon

Interior Material                           6061 aluminum core

Batteries                                     4 x 392

Battery Life Constant On             5 hours

Battery Life Pulse Mode               10 hours

Weight                                        .75 ounces

Length                                        1.11 inches

Width                                          1.08 inches

Height                                         .76 inches

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