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LanTac Brakes Shot in Super-Slow Video

Our NFA Law Shield members may have some interest in the New LanTac 7.62/.308 caliber Muzzle Brake and Drakon Brake for AK47 rifles. As always, Law Shield doesn’t endorse these products, but we do like to call attention to items that might be of interest to members.

The accompanying video features three 7.62 rifles in 7.62X51mm (.308), 7.62X39mm (Russian Short) and 7.62X35mm (300 Blackout) calibers being shot semi and full auto.

What caught our eyes in the video were the seemingly low shot-to-shot recoil and muzzle rise. The videographer said no rigs or jigs were used in the filming of this video — the only thing holding the rifle was the shooter.

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