Know Your Ammo – Colorado

There are so many varieties of ammo on the market today, but not every type is perceived the same in the eyes of the law. Watch Independent Program Attorney Doug Richards explain how the type of ammo you use could affect you. 

Doug Richards: Hello, Doug Richards for U.S. LawShield of Colorado. I want to talk for a few minutes today about ammunition. Ammunition is regulated by Colorado and the federal government. On the federal side the only restriction is you cannot have armor piercing bullets and you cannot be in possession of ammunition if you’re a prohibited person. Such as somebody that has a prior felony conviction, a conviction for domestic violence, even a misdemeanor conviction of domestic violence. If you’ve been adjudicated for having some kind of mental defect or your addicted to drugs or alcohol. Those are just some of the things that would prohibit you from having a firearm or ammunition from the federal size.

On the state side in Colorado, the law doesn’t prohibit you from having any particular type of ammunition subject to the federal ban on armor-piercing bullets. What Colorado does restrict is the amount of ammunition you can have in the magazine in your firearm. As of July 1, 2013, Colorado changed the rules where you are no longer allowed to have an unlimited magazine. You can only have up to 15 rounds in your magazine. What you must do if you purchased a firearm after July 1, 2013, you cannot have a magazine that has over 15 rounds. If the magazine accepts over 15 rounds you must get rid of the magazine and purchase an aftermarket magazine that only accepts 15 rounds. If you had the magazine prior to July 1, 2013, then you would be grandfathered in.

Obviously, call my office if you have any questions on this. It can be kind of tricky to meander through the technical firearm statutes. Thank goodness you have U.S. LawShield as a membership and a resource and we would be happy to answer any of your questions.

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