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Kahr Arms Offers Three New Special-Edition Pistols

Law Shield members who like to own unusual handguns should know that Kahr Arms is offering special editions of its most popular 9mm, .40 S&W and .45 ACP pistols offered with Cerakote’s new “Burnt Bronze” finish slides and black appointments on the frames.

The special-edition items are offered in a partnership with United Sporting Companies. The MSRP on all three Burnt Bronze models is $466 and are being sold exclusively through United Sporting Companies, Ellett Brothers, and Jerry’s Sports Center locations.

The first offering in Burnt Bronze is the CW9093BB. The pistol features a 3.565-inch barrel with conventional rifling and a 1-10 right-hand twist. It measures 4.5 inches in height and 5.9 inches in overall length. Weight is 17.7 oz. with an unloaded magazine. The capacity is 7+1. The slide width is 0.90 inches. The CW9 features drift adjustable white bar-dot combat rear sight and pinned in polymer front sight. The slide is treated with a high-temperature Cerakote finish in Burnt Bronze, with a black trigger and black slide-stop lever.

Also offered in Burnt Bronze is the CW4043BB. Like the CW9, this .40 S&W pistol also features a Cerakote Burnt Bronze slide with black appointments. This pistol also features a 3.565-inch barrel with conventional rifling, but has a 1-16 right-hand twist. It measures 6.36 inches in overall length, 4.62 inches in height and weighs 18.7 oz. with the magazine. Capacity is 6+1. The slide width is .94 inch. Like the CW9, it features drift-adjustable white bar combat rear sight and pinned-in polymer white-dot front sight.

Last in the United Sporting Companies’ exclusive Burnt Bronze offerings is a .45 ACP, model number CW4543BB. This model features a 3.64-inch barrel with conventional rifling, and a 1-16.38 right-hand twist. Overall length is 6.32 inces, the height is 4.8 inches, and the unloaded weight 21.7 oz. Slide width is 1.01 inches and capacity is 6+1. It offers the same sights as the CW9 and CW40.

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