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Justified or Jail… Can You Protect Your Property in Colorado?

The following is a video transcript.

Let’s pretend that you’ve heard a noise outside your window, and you see somebody near your car right before they break into the driver’s side window. Let’s talk about what you can do in Colorado to protect your property when you see somebody breaking into your car—or they’re just on your property.

Use of Force vs. Deadly Force

In Colorado, this scenario would likely fall under our statutes governing the use of force in defense of premises and also property, and that can be found under the Colorado Revised Statutes. In such a case, one may use the degree of physical force reasonably necessary to stop the trespass or prevent a theft or criminal tampering with property, but may use deadly physical force only in self-defense, as covered by the self-defense statute; that is, when necessary to defend against death, serious bodily injury, or a serious crime against the person.

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