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The new Texas Law Shield Forum is a great place to exchange ideas and news with other members. To access the Forums, check the bottom right corner of the Texas Law Shield web page or click here:

You can read the Forums without registering, but to add comments, you’ll need to create a Username for the Forums. It can be your Texas Law Shield membership number, but it doesn’t have to be.

If you have trouble logging in, please call us at 877-448-6839.

One of the most active threads is in the “Gun Talk” area under the headline, “What’s the Best Gun for Concealed Carry?” The situation posed by “jmeyer” is:

“I’m about to take my CHL class and want to get something I know I will actually carry. If I buy something too bulky or to heavy, I’ll probably just end up leaving it at home. I’m thinking about getting a Ruger LCP 380, but wanted to know what other options I should be considering in a similar price range. Any recommendations?”

Check out the Forums to join the discussion.

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