Join Law Shield at the 2016 RedState Gathering in Denver August 12-14

Townhall Media, in partnership with News/Talk 710 KNUS and presented by U.S. Law Shield, brings you the 2016 RedState Gathering — the leading conservative grassroots event of the summer.

Join us at the Grand Hyatt Hotel in downtown Denver for a weekend rallying around the conservative movement. This year’s program will focus on how we can build “A Conservative Future for America.” Our speakers and panels will explore post-Obama efforts to reclaim and renew the idea of limited government and individual rights and what leaders and activists on the Right are doing to improve the lives of all Americans.

In addition to keynote speakers, the conference will highlight conservative efforts at criminal justice reform, national security, ending crony capitalism, and growing the party by reaching out to women, minorities, and young people.

Be sure to visit our booth at Red State Gathering.

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